Sarah Grant Midwife Carriage Restoration

It’s back… and it is gorgeous!!! On Thursday, February 4, Sarah Grant’s carriage returned to the island and to its new enclosure at the Billie Burn Museum Complex.

The island midwife’s carriage had spent six months at the Leola Cart Shop in Leola, Pennsylvania, where it was meticulously restored by Amish craftsmen.  The carriage was built in the late 1880’s by the Chatham Carriage Company in Savannah and was owned by Daufuskie resident Jim Goodwin before being sold to Sarah Grant. The carriage is described as a light runabout buggy, easily pulled by a single horse. Sarah Grant would hitch her horse Tillman to the carriage and travel the island to help bring new island residents into the world. Over a 37-year period, she “grannied” 130 babies, retiring in 1969.

The Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation declared the restoration of the carriage its 2015 project and, thanks to the generosity of its membership and others, was able to accomplish this goal. To celebrate the return of the carriage, there will be a dedication ceremony on Saturday, April 2, at 4 pm at the Billie Burn Museum Complex. All are welcome to attend to celebrate the restoration of this important bit of island history and the life of this remarkable woman.

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