Haig Point Tabby Ruins Restoration and Celebration


Rick Wightman works on Haig Point’s tabby ruins restoration


This spring will bring the restoration of the tabby slave cabin ruins at Haig Point. The ruins are rare remaining examples of Lowcountry tabby construction and have become quite fragile. Working with Colin Brooker, noted architectural preservationist, skilled restoration craftsman Rick Wightman has been at work since the beginning of February stabilizing and restoring the tabby.

TabbyRuin2When finished, the ruins will be stronger and more weather resistant, while not losing the integrity of the original structures. Haig Point has provided funding for the restoration project. The DIHF has worked closely with Haig Point and Rick Wightman to facilitate the completion of the project. Weather permitting, the stabilization should be completed mid-March and we can look forward to this island treasure enduring for many years to come

To celebrate the completion of the restoration project the Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation is partnering with Haig Point on a two-day celebration highlighting historic structures and locations in Haig Point. On Friday, June 6, Joe McGill founder of the Slave Dwelling Project (see “Smithsonian Magazine”, October 2013) will spend the night under the stars in one of the tabby ruins. Archaeologist McGill has been on a mission to sleep in as many remaining slave dwellings as possible to bring attention to the historical importance of the structures and the era they represent.

There will be a DIHF member event that evening at which time Mr. McGill will share information and stories about the Slave Dwelling Project.

On Saturday, June 7, the Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation and Haig Point are sponsoring an all-day celebration during which visitors can go on an historical walking tour highlighting the tabby ruins, the Haig Point Lighthouse, Haig Point’s pre-Civil War cemetery and the Strachan Mansion. Joe McGill will be present to discuss the Slave Dwelling Project with visitors. The event is open to all Daufuskie Islanders and to the general public “across the water”, as well.

Tickets prices will include entry to the event, boat passage from Haig Point Embarkation (for those coming “across”) and lunch. A portion of the ticket price will benefit the Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation.

For now mark your calendars; more information will be forthcoming as plans progress.


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