E-blast 10-13

Please note the following update from CI Council Chairman Charlie Small:

The purpose of the DIC is to support and communicate with all islanders, especially when there is an immediate need such as we are all facing now. As Chairman, I will share, briefly, what we are doing.

Contact has been made to FEMA allowing us to secure equipment such as chain saws, generators, and heavy removal equipment to help in the restoration of our island. Also, our representatives on a state and national arena have been made aware of our situation and are responding in a positive way both short and long term. Personally, I applaud all who have been first responders for their energy and the work they have done in getting our magical island back to normalcy. It comes with a lot of work and your DIC is at the forefront

Best regards,

Paula Nickels
Editor, Daufuskie Front Porch

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