Eblast 10-27

From the First Union African Baptist Church:

It is time to celebrate! This Sunday, there will be a special service at the First Union African Baptist Church – Daufuskie’s Community Church. Musical guest Bill Alston will highlight our service, and there will be a fellowship meal immediately after the service. Bring a dish if you wish, but more importantly, bring yourself! Service starts at 10:00 am. Music, food, fellowship, and even games for the little ones. What better way to celebrate our fantastic community! All are welcome.

Tribute to Our Mother

Good afternoon, Thank you all for coming….the way our mother lived, speaks for itself today. It’s a celebration, not a funeral…it’s a celebration!!

Let us pray:

Our gracious father, we thank you for this day…it’s a blessing, oh it’s a blessing father! You allowed our mother to be in our lives for 88 years and that’s truly a blessing. We thank you today for family, friends, and visitors. Father, I am weak today, please build me up to be strong as I talk about our mother. I can’t do it without you Lord and I need you to speak through me…it’s a tough road to travel, but you want give us any more than we can bear. You pull us through a lot and I know you will do the same today. You’re an awesome God!!…In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Ghost….Amen…Amen!

My mother was one of the world greatest mom….she was a very loving and caring person to others. She always had the same personality, she wouldn’t get mad a lot, but when she did, she would always say what’s on her mind and that was the end of that! Our mother would support us in any way she could…she always wanted the best for us. She lived a good life, she had 15 children; 5 died at an early age. If that wasn’t enough she turn around and raised 6 grandchildren and an adopted daughter, Emily Bryant. My mother taught us to have good manners; she always said honor thy father and mother and your life would be longer on earth. She always told us to help other families that are less fortunate and God will always bless you. If I have a problem I can always go to her and she would tell me to take it to the Lord and leave it there and he will work it out. She said if someone helps you, always remember the bridge you cross, because you may need to cross that same bridge again one day.

My mother was filled with fun and jokes; she said, “You have 6 months to mind your business and 6 months to stay out of other people business and you will have a year free.” She also talked about a sand bag, I would ask her what that meant and she said it’s to keep people out of your business. She knew we were particular about who we dated; we didn’t want anyone who drink or smoke. She said, “Train them your way, but remember you’re not always going to have your way.” She also said, “If you see a man wearing a suit and the other wearing a corduroy pants; choose the one wearing the corduroy pants because the one with the suit wasn’t anything but a showcase.” She always knew what each one of us love to eat when we came home. We never could surprise her, because she always knew when we were coming home, and that’s a real Mom. My mother was a very Christian woman, she believed in the Lord. We asked her one day, when are you going to get us a step father? She said, “I have Jesus Christ and my TV.” She also said she didn’t won’t another husband because they may hit her and her husband didn’t do it and if they tried she would hit them with a stick.

 When I went home and noticed my mother stop taking care of her chicken, driving, going to church and most importantly she stop making her famous devil crabs. I knew something was wrong, but she never gave up on her cat, Sunshine! We decided to move her to Hilton Head, which she wasn’t happy about the transition. She really miss her home, but we knew she wasn’t able to take care of herself. My sister, Mary moved her into her house and with the help of my other sisters, Edvina and Julie, she had first class service around the clock. Edvina was the chef and didn’t want anyone to cook; she could really roll a pot. I look forward to coming home after work and getting a plate.  If she cook something that I didn’t like, I said, “I’m going to fire you.” She said, “I don’t work for you, your house is next door.” I went to the house one day after work, when I walked in, the food smell so good. I knew I was going to eat good tonight until I look in the pot and saw cabbage; she knew I didn’t like cabbage. I also saw another pot that smelled so good and it looked very pretty on the outside. I opened it and it was chicken neck and chicken back. I said, “This isn’t any meat;” she said, “I like to chew the bone”, so I had to join the party. It tasted good, but it just didn’t have any meat. She said, I didn’t cook for you, I cooked for our mother (jokingly). If you ever need a cook, call Edvina… she’s the best. One day, everyone had a lot of errands to run, so they left me in charge of our mother. I did everything right accept her coffee… I made it too strong. She looked at me and said, “This is not the way I like my coffee, you’re fired!” We both started laughing, my sisters forgot to tell me how she likes her coffee.

My mother taught us how to cook and clean and whenever we went to her house we always had a hot meal waiting for us. She said if you have a child that eats a lot, just cook them a pan of corn bread. She also delivered a lot of babies, she was a wonderful midwife. She taught us the value of money and told us never buy things you really didn’t need, always pay your bills and if you borrow money for anyone always pay them back She told us to always keep grits, eggs, and bacon in case of a storm, that way you would always have something to eat. She told us to always raised our kids with respect and never ask God for money, only for good health and strength.

My mother had a beautiful voice, she loved to sing; and she asked, ‘‘what happen to our voices?” She said always have good manners for others, because even a dog deserves a good morning. We noticed she was walking slowly and we told her she needed to get a cane. She said, ‘‘I don’t need a cane, I’m 17 years old”, and she meant it! She wanted all of her children to get along and be a close family. She always talked about seeing her big eye husband and her five children again someday. She said she would see us when we get there, but I’m not ready to go right now. She knew it would be hard on us, but she said, “Ask God to take the heavy load and give us the light load.” Mother, it’s been 17 years, but you are finally with our Dad now, your soul mate.

 I thank God for my sisters and brothers:

Jake for visiting her and bringing her fruits.

Lula for calling her all the time and going with her to all of her doctor’s appointment.

Shirman for TRYING to cook for her.

Julie for being the bookkeeper and she was very good at it.

Ernest for coming to see her, but was unable to come today.

Beulah for trying to take her to the doctor, she did her best.

Rose for coming and talking to her on the phone for hours about the old times.

Edvina, my God!….for all that GOOD cooking; she wasn’t in the best health, but she took care of our mother 24/7….Thank you!!

Mary, thank God for her, although she was sick, working two jobs, she took the time to take our mother back and forth to the doctor and to her home on Daufuskie Island. She made certain she didn’t go into a nursing home. She was her nurse and kept her comfortable and happy. For myself, I did the little things when I wasn’t working two jobs. I did my best, so I’m so thankful for my sisters for taking good care of her…Thank you!!

I thank my daughter, Shawnta’ for driving back and forth from Summerville to help out and massaging her feet.

Thank you to my daughter Zakkiyah, for coming from Moncks Corner, she wasn’t able to come often because she was in nursing school. 

I thank my niece, Katrina for doing an excellent job!! She’s certified in nursing and she took care of our mother and always stayed the night looking after her.

I thank my daughter, Britney for taking care of her. She’s a nurse and on July 28th, my mother stop breathing and she revive her so she was able to spend her final hours with her family.

Thank you Ladies!!! I can’t thank you enough…a job well done!!



“ I remember Mama for loving us.

“I remember Mama telling us to put God first in our lives.

“I remember Mama telling me don’t let no job disrespect me. Tell them how you feel if it’s going to cost you your job.

“I remember Mama telling me last week, ‘When God is talking, be quiet.’

“Oh, I remember Mama putting us first.

“I remember Mama telling us don’t let no man hit on us, and she meant it.

“I remember Mama telling us to have manners and wisdom and to always keep a job.

“I remember Mama telling us, ‘Don’t depend on a man. Always have your own.’

“I remember Mama telling us she wants the family to be close to each other and to work things out.

“I remember Mama going outside in the cold, washing our clothes on a washing board.

“I remember Mama teaching us right from wrong.

“I remember Mama feeding us first and whatever was left over, feeding herself.

“I remember Mama telling us every day is not going to be sunshine, but make the best of it.

“Rest in peace, because we know you made it.

                                           Thank you Mama!!

Special thanks to Haig Point members Mrs. Deitch, Mrs. Ludtke, Mrs. Helmus, Mrs. Beichler, Mrs. Aurichio, and Mrs. Hill:

Our family thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking meals to her while she was on Daufuskie. We knew she was well taken care of because you treated her like family and we will always be grateful for your support. Thank you!!

A special thanks to Wick Scurry for providing the food… Wick was in our family for generations and we appreciate ever thing you have done for us. My mother didn’t want for anything, you provided everything she needed and more. Please don’t give up on us, please continue to be there for us, we love you and thank you for all that you’ve done for the family.

I would also like to thank Samuel Campbell for visiting our mother and bringing her fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Thanks to Ricky and Leroy Stevens for bringing her fish.

Thanks to Chris Hutton for cutting her grass, the family thanks you dearly.

Special thanks to my nephew Jawaan for coming from Hawaii and for serving our country.

A special thank you to Reverend Greene for coming to bring the word, we had to track him down from New Jersey. Thanks to Katrina and Britney for finding him. Reverend Greene was the pastor here for many years.

Thanks to Truffles Café and the Low Country Backyard restaurant for providing food for our family during this difficult time.

Thanks again for all the love and support!!

The Washington Family