Wine and Woodworks Open for Business

It all started 12 years ago with a visit to a small coffee shop in Connecticut. Mike Loftus, owner of Daufuskie Island Wine and Woodworks explains, “My kids and I answered an ad placed there for a kayak building class. It took about four months of sneaking off after school and on Saturdays, but on Christmas we all surprised my wife, Joanne with a 17 foot wooden kayak.”

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Daufuskie Island Goat Run

goat race


by Rhonda Davis

There were ‘old goats’ and ‘kids’, of the 2 legged and 4 legged variety at the Daufuskie Island Community Farm’s ‘First Annual Goat Race’ July 3rd, 2015. The event was a successful fundraiser for the island’s Community Farm and a fun event for the locals that support the farm and the visitors that love it!

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Happy Birthday to You!


Maggie Lemberg holding turtle skull during a conservancy program presentation given by the Coastal Discovery Museum’s Dawn Brut in June at the Melrose Island House. (Photo by Deborah Smith)

From The Daufuskie Island CONSERVANCY

The Daufuskie Island Conservancy 10th birthday celebration continues all year long!

After a wonderful Earth Day birthday party in April at the Haig Point Clubhouse with Tony Mills, Education Director of the LowCountry Institute and star of South Carolina Educational Television’s “Coastal Kingdom”, Randy James followed in May to discuss the “History of Agricultural Soils and Farming on the Sea Islands” with a small but enthusiastic group at the Daufuskie Community Farm.

In June, Dawn Brut from the Coastal Discovery Museum presented “Sea Turtles” to a big crowd at the Melrose Island House. She discussed obstacles facing Sea Turtles on populated beaches including light pollution, nesting habitat destruction, litter, boating hazards, and predation and brought examples of turtle skulls, shells and eggs for all to see. And over 70 people gathered at the Island House in August for “The American Alligator” presented by Marvin Bouknight.


A group of onlookers watch an alligator during August’s presentation “The American Alligator” at the Island House.


Upcoming Programs:

Thursday, September 24 at 12pm: “What Makes the Port Royal Sound Unique?” at the Island House at Melrose — Join Kristen Mattson, Environmental Educator at the LowCountry Institute at Spring Island, to learn about the unique characteristics of the Port Royal Sound and study some of the organisms that make this region home.

Thursday, October 9 (location and time to be announced): Staff from the Port Royal Sound Marine Center will discuss their museum, exhibits and ongoing research projects.

Wednesday November 4 at 12pm: Phascinating Phytoplankton! (location to be announced): The Coastal Discovery Museum’s Dawn Brut returns for a presentation on an important form of marine life. Using scientific sampling techniques, we will investigate the one-celled plants and animals that live in our coastal waters. Through the lens of a microscope, we will learn to identify different phytoplankton and zooplankton species and understand the many reasons these microscopic marine organisms are so important to our coastal waters.

Birds of Daufuskie…


Birds od D

These are Common Gallinules at the pond at The Rum Co. Their name just changed from “Common Morehens.” We have them in our ponds all over the island and often use the term “swamp chickens.” Our Bald Eagles really like them! In the birding world they are sometimes called “eagle burgers!” Sorry, but that’s nature!

Daufuskie Island Beach Sweep

Saturday, September 19 • 10am
Beach Road Gazebo at Bloody Point & Calibogue Beach Club at Haig Point

The Daufuskie Island Conservancy and the Haig Point Environmental Committee will partner again this year with the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources in their annual Beach Sweep/River Sweep. Last year, statewide, 3,130 volunteers cleared over 17 tons of litter covering 161 miles of beaches, marshes and waterways!

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Birds of Daufuskie…..


This is a Piping Plover on the Bloody Point beach. They nest and breed on the beaches up north but we are lucky enough to see them here in the winter. The are endangered (only about 1200 left).
They are usually seen by themselves in the winter at low tide looking for worms.
Results from this year’s Christmas Bird Count: 66 species, 1489 birds counted.

Daufuskie Community Farm & Artisan Village News


Gisali Adayemo

2014 was a busy year for the Farm. There was the addition of a Garden Shed, Loafing Shed for the goats, a Gypsy Caravan for visiting Artisans, Bathrooms, Septic System, and completion of the Artisan non-electric Wacky Shack. Pat will be in the Wacky Shack working most pretty days on her Loom, Spinning Wheel or Treadle Sewing Machine. Feel free to call her for a tour and a demonstration of what it was like in the good old days.

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SAVE THE DATE – Earth Day 2015

Please join the Daufuskie Island Conservancy on Saturday April 25 at 5:30pm at the Haig Point Clubhouse for our annual Earth Day fundraiser and to celebrate the Conservancy’s founders and 10th anniversary. The evening will feature a silent auction, cocktail hour, a special dinner prepared by Chef Jim McLain and a presentation by Tony Mills, Education Director of the LowCountry Institute and star of South Carolina Public Television’s “Coastal Kingdom” –

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Green thumbs up: Digging deep with the Lowcountry Master Gardener’s Association

by Marianna Barbrey

Springtime is synonymous with flowers. Hardware and home stores across the country cover their entryways with brightly colored plants that are just begging to go home with shoppers. However, the concept of spring planting, much less gardening, can be simply overwhelming to many — especially those who may have tried their hand at gardening before and failed.

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