An Important Note from the Publisher

Dear Front Porch Readers,

In November of 2008 I was asked to take over the editorship of the Front Porch.
I am now finishing my eighth year and it is time for me to retire. After a year of searching, it does not appear that anyone is interested in taking over this job and the next issue will be our last. The good news is that the island no longer needs the Front Porch.

When the Front Porch was founded in 2005, there was no Daufuskie Island Council or Community Farm, the DI Conservancy, and Historical Foundation were both in their infancies. While the real estate industry was thriving and Daufuskie was a growing, only geography connected its four very different communities. Social media as we know it today did not exist. Myspace was available, but few people over the age of 20 used it. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat had not yet debuted and Facebook was still an “invitation only” operation. The Front Porch was largely the only means of getting news to everyone on the island. It was the rather thin thread that helped in uniting us.

In 2014 we signed Daufuskie on to, a social network that allows islanders and property owners to communicate with one another directly. It was a bit slow to catch on, but since Hurricane Matthew, the number of members on the site has nearly doubled. In many ways it has become the online version of a town square. Islanders talk, share news, advice and offer help to each other. In addition to this venue, virtually all of our island organizations have their own websites. Suffice it to say, there are now an abundance of ways for all of us to communicate, send and receive news.

The Front Porch has enough money left for one final printing. We think it would be fitting for our last issue to be a testament or tribute to the island and its residents. We would like this to be a record of what Daufuskie has been through, how we have come together and are rebuilding since Hurricane Matthew. This will be the sole focus of the issue.

Please, please help us with this! We hope it will be a true snapshot of this time. Send us your before and after photos if you have them or just any that you think might help tell your story. We would prefer photos that have not been featured online but will consider all submitted.

Just as important, are your stories. We want them all! Send us your own, or the story of your neighbor, your community, your hero or your friend. Each of us has a unique point of view. It doesn’t matter if you feel you do not write well or the spelling is not perfect, we can make revisions with you. We want this issue to reflect as many of us as possible. With strong participation, we believe it could become something of a keepsake that illustrates the strength of Daufuskie for years to come.

Send stories and photos to Please send your photos in jpg. attachments and feel free to contact us if you have questions or need assistance. We have not yet set a submission deadline. We will announce that in the weekly email blasts which will continue until our last issue is out in print.

Best regards,

Paula Nickels
Editor, Daufuskie Island Front Porch
Eileen Pojednic
Nancy Ludtke
Milton Deitch
Kristi Chase
Karen Rafferty
Laura Duggan

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